When using Creative Commons and other open education resources, remember to provide documentation of your source material.

What's the difference between citation and attribution: "
Both citation and attribution give credit to others. Citations give credit when you use someone else’s ideas or words in your own work. Attributions give credit when you reuse or reproduce someone else’s work." In order to avoid a copyright license violation, use attributions for openly licensed content. There is no official style guide. Be sure to include the title, author, URL, and license. See slide deck by Amy Hofer for Open Oregon Educational Resources based on presentations by Quill West (see his work on

Here are some tools for providing attributions:

Creative Commons. Best practices for attribution (including links to other guides on attribution)

Open Washington

CC Attribute-ify: An add-on for Google Docs called CC Attribute-ify developed by Dave Ghidiu (
In an email (December 12, 2017) to the CCCOER discussion list, Dave wrote "I made a Google Docs Add-on called "CC Attribute-ify", and consulted with the Open Washington people when I built it. It's the same format as the Washington one, but let's you access it directly from Google Docs (and inserts it into your document properly formatted)."